Acceptable Ads Application

If you would like to report falsely blocked content (no ads) or broken functionality due to Adblock Plus, please use our Firefox issue report tool instead.

Adblock Plus blocks annoying ads. Still, many websites rely on advertising revenues so we want to encourage websites to use plain and unobtrusive advertising instead of flashy banners. These ads will not be blocked in the default settings of Adblock Plus so they will be seen by a much larger audience. Read more about this initiative here.

Before applying for our Acceptable Ads initiative, please ensure that your ads comply with all our criteria:

  1. NO animation, it has to be static
  2. Text-only
  3. Labelled as ads
  4. Clearly separated from the content.
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By submitting your application, you confirm that you have read the Acceptable Ads criteria and that ads on your website comply with them.

Privacy policy: Your information will be stored and used only to handle this application and to respond to your inquiry. It will never be shared with any third party. If you would like to have your information removed from our database, please email us at