Adblocker Developer Summit 2021

Adblocker Developer Summit 2021

Internet at large, Ad filtering, Ainhoa Leinweber, 01. June 2021

It’s back, and we’re more excited than ever

We are happy to announce both the launch of this year’s Adblocker Dev Summit website and an accompanying call for papers. This is a huge event for us, and for so many in the online community, not just those connected to ad blocking, but also colleagues in privacy, technology development, monetization and other fields pioneering the limits of our online future.

As you might guess, or even already have experienced, one of the most exciting facets of the Adblocker Dev Summit are the papers we receive. This is the chance to see real innovation, outside-the-box thinking, vision and daring from some of the sharpest minds in a variety of related fields. But it’s also the chance to share your own thoughts.

Have a pressing topic, or something you’ve been working on that you’d like to share with your peers and get feedback on? Looking to find inspiration in the papers of others or even collaborate? There’s no better opportunity to share your ideas relating to all things ad blocking, privacy, innovation or anything else that you see as pertinent to developments in the online ecosystem. If you’d like to submit something, please click here.

Last year’s event, despite the challenges presented by COVID-19, spanned 10 hours, with 159 attendees from more than 20 countries, representing 34 nationalities and with 16 talks from 21 speakers. We were able to give a platform for presenters from India, New Zealand and Russia amongst other countries, which highlights the success of this fully-digital event, and the accessibility it afforded in terms of geography and time zones.

It was inspiring to see how such logistical challenges produced by the pandemic gave us the opportunity to innovate and in the end have the most successful Summit to date. We also learned a lot about the potential for variations of fully-digital and hybrid events going forward. We’re certain that momentum and synergy will only grow,and this year we are expecting even more response and participation.

This is a special event for us in 2021, and we’d love to have you contribute your paper or paper ideas, or simply just attend. Check out the 2021 website here. We look forward to seeing the community grow.