Comparing ad-filtering engines: eyeo versus Chromium

Comparing ad-filtering engines: eyeo versus Chromium

Ad filtering, Rean Thomas, 12. May 2022

A common question partners pose before choosing to integrate our ad-filtering solutions is, why don’t we just use Chromium’s native ad-filtering engine? And the simple answer is: ad-filtering quality and user experience. 

Our ad-filtering engine:

  • Hides more ads
  • Collapses all white spaces (left behind after the ads were hidden)
  • Removes pre-roll ads on YouTube

Here’s why we decided not to use Chromium’s native filter engine:

We want to filter more ads without interrupting the webpage. So we created an independent feature set and roadmap that allows us to support more filter types and filtering methods, thus seamlessly filtering more ads with less white space.

We want a faster, smoother browsing experience for users. We now have the freedom to optimize performance metrics relevant to ad filtering (page load time, memory consumption) as opposed to only safe browsing, which the Chromium solution was originally designed for. 

In the last few months, we have taken this a step further, and have completely re-written our filter engine to be more inline with the Chromium codebase and also now independent from Chromium’s filter engine. It is now mainly written in the same programming language (C++),  using the same programming paradigms. That makes integrating the SDK and obtaining the desired performance (especially memory consumption) easier than ever before.

We are currently experimenting with machine learning and artificial intelligence to introduce automated ad filtering to our solution and evaluate how much it can improve ad-filtering quality even more, while minimizing any impact on our performance metrics.

The bottom line: No other ad-filter engine filters intrusive advertising more accurately and renders the webpage so elegantly. All of which results in a significantly improved user experience.

Watch this short video to see how our filter engine compares to Chromium’s.