Get inspired at the Ad-Filtering Dev Summit

Get inspired at the Ad-Filtering Dev Summit

Ad filtering, Matthew Garcia, 14. September 2022

It’s that time of year again. The Ad-Filtering Dev Summit is back and bringing together the brightest minds in ad filtering, but also in online privacy and matters that concern the internet at large. That’s because we’re growing, with more varied speakers. In our fifth year, we’re upping the ante and setting the path for the next year in the online world. Many of the ideas discussed in our past conferences have gone on to dominate the zeitgeist, and we had the pleasure of exploring first at the Summit with so many interesting and creative minds.  

But let’s get down to brass tacks and go over some of what you can expect from this edition of the Ad-Filtering Dev Summit. Amongst the biggest highlights will be the release of our Ad-Filtering Report with a bunch of new findings on user behavior, advertising and trends. We also have Princeton University professor, Arvind Narayanan’s Keynote speech, ”Beyond ad filtering: five ideas for user empowerment through the browser”, as well as various talks on Manifest V3, and how cookieless tracking can become mainstream.  

Arjan van Leeuwen, Product Engineering Lead at Opera will host a session titled ‘You broke the Internet. When Content Filtering breaks a site and why it matters’ to explore the ways in which current ad-blocking techniques can do both good and bad and what we can do about it. 

Ben Savage, Software Engineer at Meta will share with us how we can all work together for a better internet in the session ‘Building the internet we all want: Accurate ads measurement with no tracking’. 

Our very own Rotem Dar, VP of Innovation at eyeo, will present us with his incisive talk, “CookieWatcher: Countering First-Party ‘Cookieless’ Tracking”. It’s all about ‘Sustainable Privacy: Navigating between User Rights and the Web Economy’. Rotem recently spoke on similar topics for PiwikPro, giving his take on what marketers and advertisers need to consider when looking at different privacy-friendly solutions for their marketing, analytics and advertising and how they need to acknowledge that the path to a privacy-preserving online ecosystem is not a zero-sum game. 

We’re also pleased to have Andrey Meshkov, CTO and Co-Founder of AdGuard, who wrote the very first Manifest V3 ad-blocking code that worked. He’ll be presenting “How bad is Manifest V3 exactly?”, which will prove a cornerstone talk for many.

eyeo’s Parinitha Hirehal and Humera Minhas will take participants to the edges of automation and the front line of what’s happening with Machine Learning and circumvention, sharing how they use state-of-the-art machine learning solutions to detect third-party trackers. 

But beyond all the talks and available learnings and peaks into the future, there’s the important opportunity to interact. Communication with peers and like-minded souls is crucial to fostering the changes we want to see online. The generative energy of the Ad-Filtering Dev Summit has been an impetus in the past for many people in the world of ad filtering to start, improve, or share some of their most interesting discoveries. 

Caroline Louwette, one of the event's coordinators, said, “I hope that participants learn something new and feel inspired from the various great sessions we have lined up this year. Beyond that, I’m sure it will be a great opportunity to meet some old but also many new faces, to connect and have a great time together.

So we look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam or online for the live stream. Either way, the important thing is to not miss it. These opportunities only happen once a year and you can still register to save your spot at