Great minds, intriguing challenges, innovative solutions

Great minds, intriguing challenges, innovative solutions

Internet at large, Ad filtering, Tech innovation, Ainhoa Leinweber, 16. September 2021

Shwetank Dixit, VP CoreTech at eyeo, previews this year's Ad Blocker Developer Summit

1. What speakers highlight this year’s programme?
In her keynote, Jutta Horstmann, Managing Director (COO/CTO) at eyeo, will give a high-level overview of the ad-filtering landscape. Andrey Meshkov, CTO and co-founder of Adguard, will explore DNS-based blocking. You’ll learn about eyeo’s own exciting efforts in using machine learning to filter content, and Rotem Dar will discuss Crumbs and our approach to protecting privacy. We’ll also present a joint talk with Igalia about our collaborative work on the CSS :has() pseudo class, which—after 20 long years on developers’ wish lists— is close to fruition!

2. What about this year’s summit excites you most?
The latest cutting-edge research we’ll hear from the field of ad filtering, as well as conversations around the online advertising landscape. Before fixing that landscape, we must first acknowledge the issues affecting users, as well as their potential solutions. And that’s exactly what we plan to do.

3. Why have you decided to go fully remote again this year ?
In 2018 and 2019, we held the summit in person; COVID-19 made that impossible last year. While the vaccine rollout has improved the pandemic in many countries, we prefer to exercise caution and hold this year’s summit remotely. That decision comes with advantages: because presenters don’t need to travel or apply for a visa, we can present a uniquely diverse lineup of speakers.

A remote summit also gives access to far more global attendees, who will be able to ask questions and interact with each other. People from more than 20 countries attended last year’s summit, from the west coast of the USA to India to Vietnam. And just like last year, we’ll give attendees and speakers ample time and opportunity to network, which we hope will result in interesting connections and follow-ups.

4. What can attendees most look forward to for this year’s summit?
A diverse set of speakers will bring multiple perspectives of the ad filtering landscape with them. You’ll hear from browser makers, ad blocker developers, filter list authors, product managers, academics doing groundbreaking research and more. We’ll have a single track, just like last time.

Despite being one of the most requested features for apps like browsers, the complicated, nuanced nature of ad and content filtering may surprise you. This year’s summit will give you the opportunity to peek behind the curtain, connect with key players in and and content filtering, and understand the challenges we all face.

We look forward to everyone joining us at this year’s summit as we hear from some of the industry’s top minds and, together, develop a stronger, more holistic understanding of the online advertising landscape