Meet James, Senior Business Development Manager

Meet James, Senior Business Development Manager

Life@eyeo, Durrah Taqiah, 14. April 2022

What is your name, job title and how many years have you worked for eyeo? 

James Walker - Facilitator (self appointed job title) I think my official title is Senior Business Development Manager - Publisher growth unit. I've been in eyeo for just over 2 years now

Can you describe your role in two sentences?

Facilitating the growth of new and existing partnerships with supply-side publishers and networks. Being responsible for the monetization side of Acceptable Ads partners.

Take us through a day in your work life – what happens after the morning coffee/tea?

Normally I am checking my emails and calendar for the day's meetings. I have a long “To-Do” list that helps me keep track of random tasks and projects. 

Then my day normally consists of external and internal meetings. There are normally a lot of follow-ups and projects in between that take up my time. Aside from that I am usually trying to do some sport and also take my dog out for a walk and to play some ball in the park (which he loves). If I am in the office then I always try to make time to meet with my colleagues for lunch and also maybe some games of Mario Kart or Table Tennis :) I also try to organize dinners and drinks every now and then if there are people around.

What do you like about your job at eyeo?

A lot of flexibility and the fact that I can freely choose when and where to work. There are realistic expectations of me and I am trusted for feedback and opinion on various topics. I also like that I am surrounded by talented people that help me learn every day. eyeo has achieved so much and you can be proud to work here, but there is so much more to achieve and you feel like you are genuinely contributing to this journey.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone applying for a similar job at eyeo?

Keep an open mind and be extremely curious about what everyone is doing. Do not be afraid to ask silly questions and try to involve yourself in initiatives and projects. There is no micromanagement at eyeo so largely, it is up to the individual to find out where they can add the most value (and therefore gain the most value also).

Include a short overview of why you joined and why you’ve stayed.

I joined for a couple of reasons: one is that a trusted friend and colleague of mine was working here and highly recommended it as a place to work. The second is that I have been working in adtech for sometime, but have also been an avid user of the internet for many years. I was very drawn to the fact that I could take my experience and really help make the internet better.

I stayed because there are always interesting and new challenges appearing every day. People respect my opinion and trust me to take on tasks with a lot of impact and responsibility. Also that I have made a lot of friends here and genuine connections with people I admire both professionally and personally.

What do you love about working at eyeo – beyond your job scope?

There is a good balance between being completely remote-friendly and also bringing people together to create a sense of community. There are great Summer and Winter events and outside of that, it’s always possible to get a few people together in the evening if you are based around Berlin or Cologne. Although people take their work very seriously there is always a great sense of humor and I think people never forget to laugh.

There are also some perks and benefits to working at eyeo, such as the education budget, mental health coaching offers, volunteer day and more.

How much growth/learning/advancement opportunities are there in eyeo?

There are really a lot because there are so many areas that eyeo covers as a business. Speaking from personal experience I have been involved in many side projects that forced me to learn new skills and gain new knowledge. Also if you bring a certain level of expertise, there are always opportunities to leverage that and contribute to the overall success of the company. It is one of those jobs that, just when you think you know everything, a new topic comes up that challenges your preconceptions and forces you to think anew. 

If you had to describe eyeo in 3 words, what would it be?

Balance, Diverse, Bold

What’s one thing you wish you knew about eyeo before working here?

The complexity of this crazy ecosystem we have built. Having said that, there has never been a dull moment and there has been so much to learn.

What’s one good thing that surprised you about eyeo?

How relaxed and down-to-earth the people are, this also extends to management and the approachability of everyone. You can ping anyone on Mattermost and everyone will always have time to help you to the best of their ability. 

How would you describe the work environment?

I think the company environment is inclusive, welcoming, fun yet professional. The work environment can be made to how you would like it. There is no distinction between remote and office and so people can really take control of their work life balance. 

What kind of personality traits thrive in this company?

Open-mindedness, Outgoing or Introvert (not a contradiction both can flourish at eyeo), Curiousness and willingness to learn. Passionate about memes and gifs.