Samsung Internet research: 78% of users are satisfied with our ad filtering

Samsung Internet research: 78% of users are satisfied with our ad filtering

Browsers, Ad filtering, Privacy, Durrah Taqiah, 29. June 2022

Recently, eyeo carried out research that focused on Samsung Internet (SI) users to understand their attitudes towards ad filtering during their browsing experience. We were pleased to see that SI users embrace the concept of Acceptable Ads and ad filtering and that they understand that advertising is essential for a thriving online ecosystem. ​​Additionally, we also noted a strong interest in having better privacy.

A positive disposition toward ad filtering

We discovered how Samsung Internet users feel about ad blockers and their willingness to support them. While less than a third of users say they picked their mobile browser because of its ad-blocking features, 61 percent say they would switch to a different browser with better ad blocking. This goes to show that users are not impervious to advertising and would take measures to ensure their browsing experience remains positive and uninterrupted. 

However, at eyeo, we advocate for ad filtering as a sustainable alternative to all-out ad blocking. Our ad-filtering technology enables some nonintrusive ads compliant with the criteria within Acceptable Ads to filter through to users during their browsing experience. This enables publishers and advertisers to monetize content without sacrificing user experience.

And while the research showed that awareness of our ad-filtering features is low, users have expressed a positive sentiment toward it. The majority of users understand and appreciate its concept; 49 percent of users claimed to not have been aware of it, but upon understanding what Acceptable Ads is, 65 percent said they would keep Acceptable Ads on during their browsing experience. This demonstrates that SI users are not quick to entirely block all ads and are open to a sustainable middle ground. 

In that vein, 78 percent of Samsung Internet users who stated they are using our ad filtering with SI are satisfied or very satisfied with their performance. 

A free and open internet

SI users also seem to be supportive of content creators as they recognize the value of advertising (and ad filtering) in sustaining the open internet. When asked about their perception of the negative effects of ad blocking, 48 percent quoted ‘Restricted access to content’ and 44 percent quoted website owners and content creators not getting paid’. This represents huge potential for growing the ad-filtering user base, which is especially important since ad filtering is proven to improve the value exchange online between users, publishers and advertisers, which also benefits browsers. 

Privacy-focused mentality

Our research also shows that Samsung Internet users are provenly privacy oriented, as they take measures to secure their browsing experience. For example: 

  • 52.4 percent use a private browsing window 
  • 45.8 percent delete cookies from their browser
  • 41.9 percent use a password manager to keep their passwords secure
  • 36.8 percent have deleted an app from their phone due to privacy concerns

These are valuable figures to keep in mind when considering what users demand from a browser, and how best to keep abreast of their evolving needs, especially when it comes to privacy. It’s also in line with our understanding of ad-filtering users and how privacy is often at the forefront of their minds, something we’ve noted an increase in of late. 

This research is part of gaining a clearer idea of how to make more people aware of the beneficial options available and the importance of respecting the users’ needs for a positive, nonintrusive and privacy-oriented browsing experience. 

There is so much room for growth and more sustainable success in establishing a fair online value exchange. Together with great browsers and other partners, we are pushing the needle to help create a better internet for all.