Teaming up for new products: the teams behind Adblock Plus and AdBlock combine

Teaming up for new products: the teams behind Adblock Plus and AdBlock combine

Users, Ad filtering, Till Faida, 07. April 2021

We announced today that following our acquisition of Adblock Inc., the product teams behind Adblock Plus and AdBlock will, effective April 7, 2021, join forces to collaborate on new consumer products. While Adblock Plus and AdBlock will remain separate products, we believe that combining development resources will enable us to deliver products that give you even more control over your online experience.

Our current products let you browse the web without annoying, disruptive, or dangerous advertising. The result is a better internet user experience. Future products will support this goal. Examples include products that block other unwanted distractions and protect user privacy.

The first new product from the combined teams is AdBlock VPN, which will provide private access to the internet, protect users when they are using public Wi-Fi, and let them access content wherever they are. The VPN will be publicly available to everyone later this year; in the meantime, anyone who’s interested in testing a pre-release version of the VPN (known as “beta” version), can sign-up to try out the beta version on AdBlock Inc.’s homepage. For more information about AdBlock VPN, see the AdBlock VPN FAQ.  

Adblock Plus and AdBlock are widely used, with tens of millions of people worldwide who depend on them every day to improve their internet experience. AdBlock, launched in 2009, is developed by Adblock Inc., formerly known as BetaFish.