Welcome Our New COO: Jutta Horstmann

Jutta is an Open Source expert, and the first woman in the executive team.

Life@eyeo, Matthew Garcia, 06. February 2019

eyeo is expanding its executive team. Jutta Horstmann, who was previously our Head of Filters, will be joining the management team as the Chief Operating Officer with immediate effect.

Taking over operations

Till Faida, CEO and founder of eyeo explains the decision to promote her to the company leadership: “Through her proactive commitment, her experience and her knowledge, Jutta Horstmann has had a significant impact on eyeo’s success in the last 12 months. With her in the management team, we are well prepared for our next steps to build a more sustainable open web. We are delighted to have her in this position.”

Before joining eyeo, Jutta worked as an IT consultant for several years. After graduating with a computer science diploma is 2006, the open source expert founded her own software company “Data in Transit”, which successfully developed open source web applications for the public sector for more than ten years.

In her first speech to the company, Jutta laid out her understanding of her new role: “I want this organization to be enabled for success, enabled to reach our strategic goals. I see our organization as a complex and living system. It is not a machine that just needs some greasing, it’s many highly skilled humans. As humans we need inspiration and motivation and we need easy to understand structures and processes that help us focus on our proper work, Ensuring that everyone at eyeo has what it takes to work towards our ambitious goals will be my mission.”

Jutta Horstmann is the first woman at the top of the company, but her promotion is also an expression of eyeo’s HR policy. Diversity plays an important role for the internationally operating company, with 150 employees from 32 nations working on innovations at three company locations and over 40 remote locations. The second management level has more women than men, again proving eyeo’s role as a leading company in the digital industry.

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