Year’s end: 2021 in review

At year’s end, we’d like to reflect on what defined our year, like changes shaping the internet, the challenges, but also our successes, our thoughts going forward and our gratitude to those who like us, believe in fostering a fair and sustainable online value exchange that allows all stakeholders in the online community to prosper.

eyeo takes action on mental health

eyeo takes action on mental healthWhy we can’t keep quiet about mental health any longer Mental health, like physical health, operates on a spectrum. It can range from thriving to coping to struggling to crisis. However, unlike physical illness, mental health conditions more often face negative stereotypes. Thankfully, shifts in our social conscience, as well…

Parents at eyeo: How caretakers are managing the pandemic

Ann-Lee Chou explains how she is juggling her work as a Senior UX Researcher and family life in these challenging times. In this interview series, we cast the spotlight on the amazing mothers and fathers at eyeo to show how they’re handling and sharing care work in their families, what kind of support helped them during the lockdown and their best tips to bring back some normalcy to everyday life.