Adblocker Dev Summit Blog Post

Alive and well in Amsterdam: the Adblocker Dev Summit guide   Amsterdam and the Adblocker Dev Summit, the meeting of one amazing city and the event that is changing the future of ad blocking. This cutting-edge conference focuses on networking, knowledge sharing, and pushing boundaries in the name of user interest. Lots of big players…

eyeo Announces Investment in AI Start-up Factmata

eyeo Announces Investment in AI Start-up Factmata This May 9th, eyeo announced that they would invest in AI start-up Factmata. Factmata will then take over further development of eyeo’s Trusted News browser extension, which had been relying on Factmata as a provider for filter data. The Trusted News extension was first released in beta in…

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Introducing AAX (Acceptable Ads Exchange)

The goal of AAX is to make it easier for publishers and advertisers to access Acceptable Ads, so they are more likely to use them. This hopefully means that, as more people follow the Acceptable Ads standard, we will see more user-friendly websites – ones that don’t overload you with ads, use aggressive paywalls, ask you to turn off your ad blocker or worse, that they “circumvent” your choice by reinjecting ads anyway.