Meet the Team

Founder & CEO

Till Faida

Entrepreneur with a professional background in online marketing

Manager of Global Partnerships

Job Plas

Geek-in-training who loves The Office, Gangnam Style and schnitzel. Has MSc & BBA in international business.

Founder & Chairman

Tim Schumacher

Serial entrepreneur with a passion for challenging Internet projects


Arthur Kawa

Longtime Adblock Plus contributor who loves music, concerts and bacon

Founder & Developer

Wladimir Palant

Computer scientist and the original developer of Adblock Plus


Eric Hughes

Writes code, preferably though of necessity not exclusively, in strongly typed languages

Head of Business Development

Christian Dommers

Business developer, entrepreneur and project manager with a background in Internet publishing


Felix Dahlke

Obsessive programmer passionate about open source and games


Manvel Saroyan

Open source-minded web developer always looking for good ideas to implement


Oleksandr Paraska

Longtime Adblock Plus for IE developer (yes, seriously). Loves making crêpes.

Account Manager

Manuel Caballero

Art lover, bass player, headbanger, cat owner, mountaineer.

QA & Project Manager

Philip Hill

Tries to improve the quality of nearly everything, especially food, music, photos and software

Design Intern

Peter Frey

Media student with a hand in almost everything visual

Content Developer

Lisa Bielik

User-focused technical writer who enjoys simplifying complex things. Likes animals, coffee and heavy metal.

Office Assistant

Nadja Wilms

Trained paralegal who keeps the administration and accounting in order

Graphic Designer

Christiane Stelberg

Austro-German designer who likes to keep calm and make things look better

General Counsel

Kai Recke

Attorney specialized in online law and guidance for creative IT companies


Thomas Greiner

Web enthusiast and developer with strong beliefs on openness, transparency and accessibility


René Jeschke

Coder by nature, optimization zealot, member of the anonymous NIH-aholics

System Administrator

Frederik Spiegel

Likes writing code, automating things and hanging out with "real" pirates from the 18th century

Data Scientist

Kirill Pomogajko

Takes the company on a data adventure. Breathes R, lives in a shell and avoids spreadsheets.

Technical Account Manager

Otilia Otlacan

Ad techie who left the corporate world to support entrepreneurs in the digital space. Loves plushies, heavy metal, and Yorkshire tea

Regional Manager Asia

Yuxi Yu

Enjoys cross-cultural stuffs: people, food and business. Occasionally gets wanderlust.


Tom Schuster

Computer science student with a passion for open source and low-level stuff

Public Affairs Manager

Laura Dornheim

Enjoys lobbying for a better Internet. Never shy of words and never seen in anything else but black.

Technical Project Manager

Winsley von Spee

Programmer who loves Coffee, Downhill and the Mythical Man Month.

Comms/Ops Manager

Ben Williams

Previously worked in government, but likes wearing jeans better. Also likes writing, records and pork.

Localization Manager

Tamara Blasco

A perfectionist who enjoys books, video games, TV series, movies, technology and learning new languages

Technical Account Manager

Henning Seydel

Problem solver with a passion for connecting technology and business, good food and traveling

Student Help Communications

Marsha Grant

Student of English literature. Presumably reading or writing something right now.

Technical Project Manager

Mario König

A passionate project manager devoted to the art of making things happen

Software Tester

Ross Green

Constantly breaking things and attempting to put them back together. Likes development, skateboarding and cats

Account Manager

Caroline Louwette

Highly committed team player with a creative and bubbly personality who wants to travel the world

People Operations Manager

Maren Böger

People person who's seriously addicted to sports. Always hunting for talent ... or chocolate.

Software Tester

Robert Raceanu

Wants to make a difference whilst enjoying the ride

Technical Project Manager

Sebastian Noack

Longtime open source developer who loves playing volleyball and board games

Technical Account Manager

Marcus ​Bollien

Always willing to find the best solution-driven and business oriented way. Backgrounds in ad tech & complex publisher environments

Filter List Manager

Nicole Jones

Passionate about improving processes, proactively using data and going on adventures

IT Student Help

Lior Rosilio

Economics student & Sys admin. I like Sports & traveling. Doing my best to keep my life as simple as possible

User Experience Researcher

Ann-Lee Chou

User-centered advocate and design thinker with a background in tech and downward dog


Anton Smirnov

Has a passion for interior design and architecture. Loves French, perfect software architecture, sports and electronics prototyping

UX Researcher

Misha Thornburgh

Fact finder, avid reader, and Star-Trek enthusiast with a love of travel, volunteering, and cats.

DevOps Engineer

Mathias J. Hennig

Open source evangelist who doesn't only write code, but speaks it


Sergei Zabolotskikh

Loves solving problems and enjoying the good things in life


Dave Barker

Bristol based programmer, percussionist

IT System Administrator

Peter van Dijk

Always happy, calm and yet a little crazy, eager to learn and enjoy new things even after 17 years of experience in IT-administration.

Data Protection Officer

Judith Nink

Attorney, passionate about data privacy and specialized in technology and online law. Loves sports, especially handball

Product Manager

Aaron Thornburgh

Product manager, user experience designer and automotive enthusiast


Diego Lima

Passionate about music and traveling, bad soccer player, open source and problem-solving enthusiast

Software Tester

Scott Cheer

Bug creator extraordinaire. Scott also loves video games and dogs, but who doesn't?

Student Help Monitoring

Karina Keim

Business student, traveler, diver and slightly crazed dog person

Data Scientist

Stephan Porz

Physicist devoted to programming and data analysis. Loves clear structure and elegant visualization.


Jon Sonesen

Open source enthusiast who enjoys mountains, travel, riding bikes and learning new stuff

Office Assistant/ Receptionist

Nora Hase

Berliner in Cologne. Takes care of people and things. Foodlover with an addiction for sushi. Photographer in her other life


Vasily Kuznetsov

Programmer, mathematician and rock climber who likes thinking about hard questions and making things simpler

Web Designer

Paul Pastourmatzis

Fascinated by all things creative, making videos, photographs, music and hearing voices

Filter List Administrator

Amr Makram

An international citizen who dreams of playing a significant role in global and sustainable Peacebuilding


Julian Doucette

Developer, problem-solver, creative thinker, open source advocate

Student Help

Maham Zulfiqar

Loves to travel, reads books and is particularly enthusiastic about learning about new cultures and meeting people

QA Manager

Tobias Hilleke

QA Manager with a conviction for analyzing and optimizing processes, as well as a passion for music and sports

DevOps Engineer

Francisco López

Coffee and books junkie, follower of the Unix way, martial arts practitioner.

Office Assistant

Nicole Sergeev

Perfectly organized team player with a creative and dedicated personality. Loves tennis, likes Hip-Hop and enjoys audio books while jogging.


Steffen Kiedel

Finance person, passionate about growing companies

Community Manager

Rachel Brochado

Very sociable one that is committed to people. Has a special care for sustainable development issues and a passion for music.

Student Help

Victor Ouko

Team Player with a love for French Bulldogs,video games and sports

International Account Manager

Rotem Dar

A BizDev freak, a jurist and a verbal painter who's after the next opportunity, subtext and Thai noodles

Technical Recruiter

Joanna Sitarz

Tech Recruiter who likes books, traveling, IT Crowd & good sense of humor


Erik Vold

Loves working on new features for the web

Community Support Associate

Saša Čuturić

Longtime Adblock Plus fan, now part of the team. Enjoys movies, TV shows and technology.

Product Designer

Martin Velchevski

Designer, programming enthusiast. Loves photography, plays guitar and occasionally fiddles with electronics

Data Scientist

Jessica Peterka-Bonetta

Psychologist with a passion for anything related to data. Investigates Internet addiction in the scope of her PhD and loves to analyze social media data.

Product Manager

Jeen Low

Passionate about creating intuitive products, understanding people, and sparkly things

IT System Administrator

Darius Kühn

IT evolutionist with a fable for cooking, whiskey, reptiles and visible results in real-time

Student Help

Dung Le

Student of Technical logistics who likes to do origami, gaming and urban drawing

Marketing Manager

Björn Loesing

Has two dogs, two cats, a pony and way too many years of experience in everything marketing, product management and community related

Student Help

Maria Savirra

Innovative business enthusiast, passionate traveller, music nerd, coffee addict who enjoys contagious laughter and a good sense of humour

Operations Manager

Ferris Nicolaisen

Norwegian-Irish developer turned operator turned manager. Gave up maritime rock for cats, kids and a podcast

IT Apprentice

Erick Seifert

Apprentice, who never says never to new experience. Likes sport, music and barbecuing at any time. Even winter times!

Technical Account Manager

Edmundo Sanchez

Bass player, web dev learner, problems and non-problems solver and Punk Rocker