eyeo announces former Google Manager Jan Wittek as new CRO

eyeo announces former Google Manager Jan Wittek as new CRO

Ainhoa Leinweber, 01. February 2022

The C-level leadership team is expanding with the newly created position of the Chief Revenue Officer as a result of a new course at eyeo

Jan Wittek, new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), joins the existing team of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Till Faida and Jutta Horstmann. Horstmann currently holds the roles of Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), but will narrow her focus to the COO role in March 2022 when a new CTO will join eyeo. In August 2021, eyeo celebrated its tenth birthday and has changed significantly since it was founded. Today, 220 million people (and counting) use eyeo products and the Acceptable Ads network has 700 partner companies.

Especially in the last two years, eyeo has increasingly shifted its focus to business-to-business activities and is aiming for the goal of one billion users worldwide.
“To make this ambitious goal achievable, we not only had to transform the entire organization, but also the management had to reflect on this new direction and fit into it,” explains COO Jutta Horstmann.

As Chief Revenue Officer at eyeo, Jan Wittek will primarily be responsible for scaling and professionalizing sales and partner management. Another focus will be the expansion of the privacy activities. eyeo launched the privacy tool Crumbs among others in 2021.

“We are very happy that we could win Jan Wittek as CRO for eyeo. He has the right experience to balance a good user experience and publisher monetization,” says eyeo’s CEO and co-founder Till Faida.

Jan Wittek previously held the position as Head of Sales for the Google Marketing Platform. He brings experience in creating international partnerships with advertisers, publishers, agencies and tech partners in the online marketing ecosystem.

Jan Wittek adds: “eyeo has the great chance to give internet users control over their user experience again. I am very excited to create a fair value exchange and to make sure that a free, sustainably funded internet will be possible in the future.”

A picture of Jan Wittek can be downloaded here.

About eyeo
eyeo is dedicated to empowering a balanced and sustainable online value exchange for users, browsers, advertisers and publishers. By building, monetizing, and distributing ad-filtering technologies, we create solutions that allow all members of the online ecosystem to prosper. Our ad-filtering technology powers some of the largest ad blockers on the market, like Adblock Plus, Adblock and Adblock Browser, and is distributed through partnerships to millions of devices. We are constantly innovating to meet the expectations of the changing online world, with privacy solutions such as Crumbs, our white label browsers for distribution partners, and the Acceptable Ads Standard, which reaches over 225 million users.