eyeo announces Trestle

eyeo announces Trestle

Ainhoa Leinweber, 11. August 2021

Our first dedicated advertiser solution

At eyeo, we strive to create a fair and prosperous internet, one which brings value to all stakeholders involved in the online world. We believe that can only be achieved through constant innovation.

In the past we’ve offered successful solutions for users, like our ad-filtering technology which powers some of the leading ad blockers on the market, including Adblock Plus, Adblock, and Adblock Browser, or our novel Acceptable Ads Standard, which has allowed publishers to benefit from monetizing content and from a fair value exchange.

Our newest innovation, Trestle, is also our first dedicated advertiser solution, and proof that for us it’s about all stakeholders. That in order to create a sustainable internet, we cannot fail to offer beneficial solutions for everyone.

Trestle is an advertiser solution that, like everything else we do, prioritizes user experience and user control, while helping enable important revenue for advertisers. Trestle does this by being the only advertiser solution on the market whose core focus is with the Acceptable Ads Standard, an independently-established and transparent set of criteria for nonintrusive ads which are shown to Acceptable Ads users across the globe.

Currently, Trestle reaches over 225 million ad-filtering users who consent to see light forms of non-disruptive advertising which conform to the Acceptable Ads Standard. These hard-to-reach, tech-savvy, internet-first users are proven to spend more time and make more purchases online, and they are aware of the value exchange necessary to preserve the free web. They recognize that without advertisement, it’s nearly impossible to keep the internet open and easily accessible.

Trestle will become the marketplace that enables a sustainable and fair middle ground between user choice and monetization, benefitting advertisers, publishers and users alike.
Aditya Padhye, General Manager Trestle at eyeo, explains: “Before the launch of Trestle, it was very unlikely for an advertiser to reach an Acceptable Ads user unless it was done accidentally. Acceptable Ads has a strict criteria that has to be respected and Trestle ensures that advertisers are able to reach these users with ease in one single marketplace.”

To preserve a sustainable online value exchange content must be remunerated. And users are generally happy to take part if it means continued free access to content. The key is that users insist it be done with respectful, light and nonintrusive advertising. Trestle helps solve that problem and works as a bridge between the needs of all stakeholders.

We look forward to sharing more innovative solutions with the online community as we move forward.

For more information on Trestle, click here.