Changing the game of online advertising

Changing the game of online advertising

Internet at large, Matthew Lawrence Garcia, 31. October 2018

100+ million users worldwide use eyeo’s flagship product, Adblock Plus, to browse free from annoying ads. Adblock Plus works on all browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari and also offers mobile solutions for iOS and Android.

15 consecutive months and counting of Adblock Plus blocking ads on Facebook, after an intense battle with the tech giant that was won with and for the users.

92% of Adblock Plus users are part of the Acceptable Ads Program, allowing users to support websites by seeing a limited number of respectable ads. The Acceptable Ads Program is built in to Adblock Plus, making it the only sustainable ad blocker for users and publishers alike.

25% of the 1,000 biggest websites worldwide are already using Acceptable Ads as an innovative and user-friendly solution to cater to an audience that has opted out of traditional, annoying online advertising.

9 out of 10 websites are listed for free in the Acceptable Ads Standard as eyeo wants to support smaller and medium publishers to create revenues from their content.

44 million dollars (37 million Euros) was our revenue in 2017, we created a profit of 26 million USD (22 million Euros), proving that our emphasis on a sustainable business model pays off.

270 billion dollars is the estimated global market for digital advertising, made mostly through flashy and aggressive ads. Our team is continuously working on changing an even bigger part of that market, trying to strengthen users and publishers directly.

130 people from 30 different nationalities currently work on Adblock Plus and eyeo’s other projects, including the micropayment service Flattr and the credibility checker Trusted News.

100% of Adblock Plus code is open source and always has been. In this spirit of transparency, we publish 100% of the Acceptable Ads participants.

1 reason that keeps us going: YOU! Putting you in charge of a free and profitable web. Whether you are a publisher looking for better revenue solution or a user who wants to break free from bad ads and intrusive tracking, eyeo works for you!