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Our diverse, global team helps shape a fairer and more sustainable internet experience.

Our management

Empowers company leaders and all team members to set and strive towards accomplishing ambitious goals. They lead by example. Our vision is to move beyond the status quo and into a fair and prosperous online future.

Frank Einecke

Frank Einecke

Chief Executive Officer

Jan Wittek

Chief Revenue Officer

Gertrud Kolb

Gertrud Kolb

Chief Technology and Product Officer

Our Units

Push the envelope with innovative solutions and technology to protect user experience while providing new revenue streams for publishers, advertisers and distribution partners, like browsers. User Growth Unit, Publisher Growth Unit and Lab.

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User Growth Unit

Tech Lead: Johanna Böhm

Expand the eyeo ecosystem by monetizing and distributing our ad-filtering technology.

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Publisher Growth Unit

Business Lead: Maciej Wicha

Provide sustainable, user-friendly monetization that works for all stakeholders in the eyeo ecosystem.

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Lead: Rotem Dar

Staying ahead of emerging trends in technology, the Lab aims to push eyeo’s progress on future challenges and products through innovation

Our Foundation Services

Provide support and expertise to our management and units to turn those ambitious goals into reality. 

Branding & Marketing

Christiane Stelberg & Alexandra Soldan

Organization and People Enablement

Nicole Jones

Legal & Public Affairs

Kai Recke


Thomas Schenkelberg

IT Operations

Peter van Dijk

Security & Privacy

Cornelius Witt & Frederik Spiegel

Infrastructure & Platforms

Leif Högberg

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