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Our technology provides unique revenue options for advertisers, publishers and technology providers, while fostering their users’ requests for a better online experience.

eyeo is headquartered in Cologne, with offices in Berlin and Malmö and remote employees in more than 30 countries worldwide.


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The eyeo story.

We create a thriving ecosystem by building, monetizing and distributing ad-filtering technologies.

  • Till Faida, Wladimir Palant and Tim Schumacher found eyeo as the business side of Adblock Plus (ABP).
  • The Acceptable Ads program starts, creating a standard for better ads that benefits users and advertisers.
  • Adblock Plus reaches 100 million users.
  • The Acceptable Ads Exchange (AAX) is formed to connect buyers and sellers of Acceptable Ads to create a bridge between publishers and the ad-filtering audience.
  • Acceptable Ads reaches 100 million users and partners with 10,000 publishers. 
  • eyeo acquires a significant mobile user base with its first major mobile partnership. 
  • Acceptable Ads reaches 200 million users.
  • eyeo launches two innovative solutions: 
    • Crumbs is a privacy-first solution as an alternative to third-party cookies. 
    • eyeo DSP (formerly Trestle) is the first advertiser-solution exclusively powered by Acceptable Ads and its audience base.
  • 90 million users (more than 40% of our user base) are now on mobile.
  • Acceptable Ads reaches 250 million users.

Frequently Asked Questions

eyeo is dedicated to empowering a balanced and sustainable online value exchange for users, browsers, advertisers and publishers. By building, monetizing, and distributing ad-filtering technologies, we create solutions that allow all members of the online ecosystem to prosper.

The online ecosystem is the complex network of stakeholders who make up the online world and keep it operating. The stakeholders include content creators, advertisers, publishers, browsers, end users and consumer product producers. We believe there’s a way for a fair value exchange between these stakeholders to keep the internet as an open resource for all. 


Ad blocking is the practice of using an ad blocker to block all advertisements from a website, whereas ad filtering allows for nonintrusive ads to be displayed. More than 90% of users of eyeo’s products or SDKs are willing to see non-annoying and relevant ads that have been filtered for them.

Our ad-filtering technology powers our ad-filtering SDKs which are used by several browsers and platforms. It also powers our user-facing products, some of the most popular ad blockers, such as Adblock Plus and AdBlock. 


  • Publishers: With Acceptable Ads, publishers can gain revenue by reaching 250 million users with consented, nonintrusive and relevant advertising formats while participating in a sustainable value exchange.
  • Advertisers: eyeo Advertiser Solutions are the only on the market that exclusively work with Acceptable Ads and help advertisers reach 250 million Acceptable Ads users at scale. 
  • Distribution partners: Our ad-filtering technology easily integrates with existing tech stack, provides new revenue options and delivers added value to your users. 

If a website wants to show ads to ad-filtering users, they must apply to be on our allowlist and prove that the ads shown will meet the strict criteria established by the independent Acceptable Ads Committee - such as being clearly marked as advertising and not exceeding certain sizes or proportions of a page. There is no way to pay a fee to avoid the criteria to meet the standard of Acceptable Ads. 

Acceptable Ads allows ads with certain criteria that have been researched and approved by the independent Acceptable Ads Committee (AAC). These ads are shown to internet users who have Acceptable Ads enabled on their devices. These ads have been identified as non-annoying and non-disruptive to the user’s experience. The ads shown will meet the strict criteria established by the Acceptable Ads Committee - such as being clearly marked as advertising and not exceeding certain sizes or proportions of a page. 


eyeo is a privacy-focused and privacy-friendly company that has always put the user first. Because privacy is at the heart of everything we do, we value above all “privacy by choice”. For this reason, our products, like Crumbs, enable users to adjust their desired privacy settings on their own, and they are able to change these at any point in time.

We do not track or sell personal data, are fully compliant with privacy laws, such as the GDPR and CCPA, and we practice data minimization and purpose limitation, anonymizing data where possible.