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what we do.

We enable content monetization for publishers, offer advertisers exclusive access to 300M ad-filtering users, and ensure users enjoy an unparalleled online experience.

We are the only company in the ad tech space that represents the user, giving them control. 

About ad filtering

No ad blocking

Ad clutter creates a disruptive user experience leading to users installing ad blockers.  

Ad blocking

Ad blockers, help create a better user experience, but negatively impact publishers and advertisers who help keep content free and accessible. 

Ad filtering

Ad filtering shows fewer, nonintrusive and more impactful ads, only filtering out the annoying and disruptive ones. 

What is the Acceptable Ads Standard?

Acceptable Ads is an ad standard defined by a set of criteria (size, format, placement) that determines whether an ad is acceptable and nonintrusive. Only ads that comply with Acceptable Ads are shown to ad-filtering users online. 

Independently researched and governed by the Acceptable Ads Committee, Acceptable Ads ensures an optimal user experience that allows publishers to increase their advertising revenue.

Who are ad-filtering users?

They don't block all ads

Over 90 percent of ad-blocking users don’t hate ads and more than 83 percent would be happy to see noninvasive and relevant ads. Ad-filtering users don’t block all ads, they simply filter intrusive or annoying ads. 81 percent of users download ad blockers to avoid disruptive or annoying ads.

300M globally

There are more than 300 million ad-filtering users around the world who see ads that comply with the Acceptable Ads Standard.

Tech-savvy and younger

After 12 years of Acceptable Ads, we’ve learned some interesting facts about our millions of users. Ad-filtering users are generally younger, tech-savvy, tend to have a higher education and are also primary purchase decision-makers as compared to non ad-filtering users.

More privacy-oriented

Ad-filtering users are also more privacy-oriented. In 2021, we discovered that internet privacy is at the forefront of their minds. 74% of users don’t mind advertisements as long as those ads don’t compromise their privacy and meet certain standards of quality. (2021 PageFair Adblock Report)

More ad-aware

300 million online users are not ‘banner blind’, but they’re likely tired of being shown intrusive ads. However, when shown consented ad formats, they’re likely to be more receptive and engaging to the ad and the brand messaging therewithin –– advertisers and publishers can gain +82% aided ad recall by reducing clutter and flashiness. (MAGNA study 2023)

Ad-Filtering Dev Summit

Our annual summit stands as a proud driver of change in online advertising, uniting leaders and experts to shape the future of online ads. Learn more about the 2023 edition.

Global State of Ad-Filtering Report

In this 2022 ad-filtering report, discover:

• Key insights into the current landscape, supported by research and expert contribution
• Challenges, opportunities and technologies within the ad-filtering industry
• Five expert predictions for the future of ad-filtering and more

Driving change that matters for you


Advertising solutions don’t have to come at the cost of user privacy. We know a balanced solution is possible— we’ve seen it with ad filtering. 74% of users don’t mind advertising as long as it respects their privacy. Our solutions, compliant with privacy regulations worldwide, support user choice, while at the same time, enable advertisers to address highly-engaged, consenting audiences in the most accurate and transparent way.


Conscious and sustainable advertising is important to us at eyeo. Ad filtering, by its very nature, creates a low-clutter environment that reduces carbon emissions. It also shows fewer ads (all with a low-bandwidth format) to consenting users. Low-bandwidth ads in a low-clutter environment can help lower CO2e emissions by 11.5X compared to high-clutter web pages. (Source: MAGNA study by eyeo)

Innovative solutions

We are pioneering the use of artificial intelligence to commercially automate online ad detection, giving our partners cutting-edge options to enhance their own products. For the first time in history, our teams at eyeo have successfully deployed an effective machine-learning solution to counter online circumvention of ad blockers, one of the biggest threats to achieving accurate ad filtering. We continue to experiment with creative solutions to ensure that we’re leveraging new technology to deliver the best experience for ad filtering and the online ecosystem.

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We believe in a balance of interests that benefits everyone. That’s why we build technologies that create a balance: between people and profit, between content and commercials, between companies, content creators and consumers.  Learn more

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