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our solutions.

All stakeholders in the online ecosystem deserve to see their needs met. Our solutions help publishers monetize their content, advertisers reach the right audiences, and browsers give their users more control and the online experience they want.

The right solution for you


eyeo Advertiser Solutions are dedicated to enabling fair and profitable monetization for advertisers, agencies and brands, while offering them scalable, sustainable and privacy-focused ways to reach ad-filtering users. The valuable audience of ad-filtering users is usually younger, digital-first and more likely to embrace nonintrusive advertising.


eyeo Publisher Solutions provide publishing partners with valuable monetization opportunities while always respecting user choice and experience. Over 90% of our users are provenly open to seeing ads that do not compromise their internet experience by being loud, annoying or irrelevant.

Tech partners

With eyeo Ad-Filtering Solutions, our partners can benefit from easy integrations with their existing mobile and desktop products, new revenue streams and increased user satisfaction. We enable our partners to distribute our ad-filtering technology and provide their users a top-requested feature to their devices.


Ad-filtering users benefit from products geared toward improving their online experience and giving them more control. We are the only company in the ad tech space that puts the user first.