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where ad filtering meets user-centricity.

eyeo Ad-Filtering Solutions offer tech partners better quality ad filtering to provide a seamless user experience and open new revenue opportunities. 

Benefits for tech partners


Unlike ad blocking, ad filtering provides monetization options to add a new revenue stream.


Our filter lists had zero breakages across millions of websites. Daily monitoring by our dedicated team ensures your users have a seamless experience. 

Delightful UX

Users enjoy an improved user experience with fewer distractions from intrusive ads. 

Lower costs

Use the time and money saved on implementation and maintenance to innovate your next big thing. 

Our ad-filtering technology is


We do the work for you. Save time and resources on implementation and maintenance with our simple integrations.


Trusted by 300 million users, our ad-filtering technology powers some of the biggest ad blockers on the market, like Adblock Plus and AdBlock


The compliance list keeps you safe from any legal violations and we monitor the list daily for compliance checks.


Pioneering the use of machine learning for the first-ever commercial implementation of automated ad detection.

eyeo Browser Ad-Filtering Solution

This solution includes the core ad-filtering engine, Snippets support, pre-bundled filter lists and user-counting logic as well as user interface components for desktop and Android. eyeo WebExtension Ad-Filtering Solution is also available. 

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We support Desktop browser extensions and Chromium browsers (both on desktop and Android). If you have a different platform that is not listed, please contact us.