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where ad blocking meets a better online experience.

Our consumer solutions, Adblock Plus and AdBlock, enable millions of users to browse the web without annoying or disruptive advertising, leading to a better online experience. 

Benefits for users

Better UX

Users enjoy a low-clutter browsing experience by blocking interruptive ads which improves page load and saves memory. The low-clutter environment means high impact for the ads they do see.  


Users avoid tracking and malware to keep data and devices safe. They have more control over how their data is used.


More than 95% of users allow Acceptable Ads to support websites and content creators. These ads have been user-approved through independent research.

Adblock Plus and AdBlock

300 million people in different regions around the world (and growing) are using ad filtering for a better online experience. Adblock Plus and AdBlock by eyeo filter out invasive and disruptive ads while rewarding publishers to help keep their quality content free. 

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