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Reach ad-filtering users in a less commercialized environment

eyeo DSP offers advertisers a way to reach ad-filtering audiences at scale while giving users control over their ad experience

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Benefits for advertisers

Connect with hard-to-reach audiences at scale

Show fewer ads per page served on the most popular publisher websites

Gain engagement and brand receptiveness through consented ad formats

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Who are ad-filtering users?

Valuable audience

Typically younger, digital-first and tech-savvy

More ad aware

Receptive to online ads and brand messaging

Highly attentive

More engaged and 76% more likely to post product reviews

Open to quality ads

Prefer relevant ads that respect their privacy and user experience

Our solution

eyeo DSP is the only advertiser solution in the market that enables advertisers to reach ad-filtering users at scale. Over 225 million ad-filtering users around the world consent to viewing fewer, nonintrusive ads that comply with Acceptable Ads. 

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