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We love what we do. Meet some people who make eyeo great and explore some of the perks.

Meet the people at eyeo

Cristina Gonzalez

Meet Cristina

Director of Engineering

Cristina began her journey at eyeo as an engineering lead and is now the director of engineering. Learn more about her role and daily life at eyeo.

James Walker

Meet James

Business Development Manager 

James joined eyeo as a business development manager. Find out more about his day-to-day and why he loves working at eyeo. 

Jessica Peterka-Bonetta

Meet Jessica

Engineering Lead Data

Jessica began as a data scientist, then a section lead and has recently been promoted to an engineering lead. Find out more about her career path.

Perks and Benefits

Here's a short list of what we offer:


  • Flexible working hours*
  • Flexible parental leave
  • Monthly child care allowance**

*Specific to position **Up to 6 years old


  • 28 vacation days
  • Mental health program
  • Sabbatical*
  • Weekly yoga and meditation

*After 2 years


  • Annual budget for professional growth
  • Annual salary reviews
  • Professional development plan
  • Company pension*

*German-based employees


  • Choice of work location*
  • Choice of hardware setup
  • Home office or relocation allowance
  • Monthly ticket for public transport

*Remote or in one of our 3 offices

How we hire*

Submit your application, including your resume or CV (and if available, attach a cover letter) via the website. A recruiter reviews your CV and any other relevant materials submitted.  

If it seems like it will be a good fit, the recruiter reaches out to you to discuss the position, your skills and experiences, and also to answer any questions you may have.

The recruiter assigns you a relevant case study to be completed before your first interview. This case study is intended to give you an idea of what to expect from the position and gives us insight into your technical and analytical skills.

Next, you’re invited to your first interview. The recruiter works with you to set up a convenient time and sends a meeting link. One to two members from your future team ask questions focused on your skills and experiences relevant to the position. 

The second interview is also with members from the same team, but this time the questions focus on how you would fit into the eyeo team.

The final interview is with the lead(s) of your potential future team. After this interview, if it's a good fit for you and us, we hire you! 

*Please note that the hiring and recruiting process is not the same for every position. The above steps are a general guideline of what to expect if you apply. Our recruiters will always guide you step-by-step through your specific process and are available to answer any questions and clarify any concerns you may have.

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