Innovation and experimentation

Great ideas live outside the box

Staying ahead of emerging trends in technology to delight our partners and their users.

Experimentation leads to innovation

Never satisfied with the status quo, we’re always experimenting with new ideas to keep our tech ahead of the curve.

Field testing

We’re field testing new mobile browser SDK features in Adblock Browser prior to integrating with partner browsers. These usability insights and feedback from one million real-world users ensure a best in-class experience before they go live.

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Machine learning

Technology advances at lightning speed. We're experimenting with machine learning and other emerging artificial intelligence to automate online ad filtering. Boosting our technology to give our partners and their users a first-rate solution.

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Privacy-preserving targeting

Advertising solutions don’t have to come at the cost of user privacy. Crumbs provides valuable targeting data that can be used for interest-based advertising while providing users with transparency and control of their data.

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